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The content are as follows:

"Renewed mind" - discipleship
1. Worship
2. Share / serve

3. Teach

4. Spirituality, recite, speed reading, Bible study

5. Retreat camping
6. Discipleship counseling
  • We will learn the truth in the form of worship to worship the true meaning, and the Trinity of the true nature of God.
  • We will let the disciples by sharing personal life, history, stories, mainly waiting for the opportunity to serve the treatment and release during the sharing time; also promoting mutual understanding, breaking some of the participants on the expression
  • The teachings are held every week in a circular way, from the easist to hardest, leading the disciples to practice and enter the following aspects of the truth and life:
  • Spirituality - To develop daily reading, prayer, close to God's habit.
    Students need to form group with another member as a life partner, encourage with each other, and gradually use the whole spiritual training manual instructed in "Renewed mind".
  • Recite - Recite 60 verses throughout the year
  • Speed reading - Encourage reading the whole Bible once in one year or two years
  • Bible study - Teaching and practice in paragraph, biography and special topics
  • The whole course is held twice to train students to meditate on God's meditation.
  • The renewal of the Holy Spirit, to remove the bondage with sin, to re-freedom, and the victory of life. This counseling takes 5-6 hours each time. This counseling is only available to students who need it

The "Renewal mind" course is offered by the Australian Institute of Missionary Arts (Chinese Theology, Perth Center)

Faith grows "five, six, seven" course series
The "Five Assurances"

for the first belivers cultivation


  • The Assurance of Be saved
  • The Assurance of Thanking
  • The Assurance of Victorious
  • The Assurance of Forgiving
  • The Assurance of Guiding
  The "Six practices"

for normal Christians


  • The Practice of Heart
  • The Practice of Bible Study
  • The Practice of Praying
  • The Practice of Intersecting
  • The Practice for Witness
  • The Practice of Obey the Holy Spirit
  The "Seven cornerstones"

for strong faith


  • I believe in the Bible
  • I believe in God
  • I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ
  • I believe in the Holy Spirit
  • I believe in the church
  • I believe that I am saved again
  • I believe in victorious from life

"Evangelism Explosion III" (also known as the "EE") was established by Rev. James Kennedy in the United States, he believed the basic work of the church is "Everyone Preaching".
The basic concepts: For the glory of God, equipped with the church, go to the world
  * build firendships
   * lead to the Lord
  * Train disciples
  * Healthy growth
  * It is important to train a fisherman than to save a soul alone.
  * It is more important to save a fisherman and its trainer than to save a soul alone.

Extracted from http://www.ee3.org.hk/aboutus.htm (in Chinese)