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Fellowships and Cell Groups

Youth Cell Groups

Youth should be the life of the most brilliant, the most exciting, the most valuable stage. But nowadays, and the lack of family support in the Western world environment, we can easily find a lot of young people in science in wasted time, or just entering the workplace youth indulge in the pursuit of money and fame, struggled and lost.

We are willing to invest in this battle to snatch souls among our young people and God in Australia. Under the leadership of teacher and leader, our young people have the opportunity to participate in different groups, and in a safe place to learn to be admitted as a messenger of God. We hope that young people will not only be the world's pollution, but can use their powerful and lively life to influence an increasingly corrupt world.

The Youth Group include Student Groups, Youth Worker Group and Husband and Wife (Youth) Groups, and almost have gatherings and activities on every weekends. Welcome to contact us.



Adult Cell Groups

Brothers and sisters sincere exchanges, grow together, Bible lessons, also our vision. We believe that the group shepherding mode that best meet the needs of today's believers, also provides an environment to best implement the believers love each other, remind each other and serve one another, and the head of the ministry to better help train believers to become church leaders.

The church have Husband and Wife (Mid aged) groups and Elderly groups for the Brother and Sisters' needs. And we are welcoming you to join as your needs.

Our Adult Groups have gathering every two weeks in general. In each gathering we divided into four parts, including welcoming the newcomers, worship, bible study and praying against each other to enjoy each one's life. Please contact our office or co-workers.