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Rev (Dr) Thomas & Joy Au Yeung (Senior Pastor)

Rev Kevin & Mavis Leung (Cantonese Pastor)

Rev Rolf & Nonna Van Wollingen (English Pastor)

Pastor Sylvia Yeung (English Pastor)

Rev Victor & Lee Tan (Mandarin Pastor)

Rev Duncan & Lyvia Tjong (North (Grace) Pastor)

Mrs Joy Auyeung (North Cantonese Co-ordience)

Archie Ng (Executive Administrator)


He grew in Hong Kong, studied in Australia since 2000 then believe in the God; baptised in 2001 and trained as disciple; He've assisted to build the church activity room after university graduatation in 2003, and started the executive work in the church; He had apply the restidental in the same year, it was started the church in north, and had been invited as the part time administrator for the Grace church; He was employed as the executive co-worker in 2004 to assist with the executive matters.

He was thanksgived about the development for the church outcomes, and seen everything on every church to be independent and creating for the new church as forseened by the God!

Amy Chan (South Administrator)


She's born in Hong Kong, studied in the Christian school since she was young, and believed to the God when she was studing in the primary school. She was work as the volunteer in the Boy's Brigade, Hong Kong. She was studied in Australia in 1994 with accounting major, participated in the meetings and Youth Cell Groups at the same time, and baptised in 1996.

She was graduated in 2000 and back to Hong Kong to work for two years, then back to Perth to study the International Commerence master course in 2003, and participated for different posts in the church. She got the restidential after graduation. She was employed as part time administrator for Christian and Missionary Alliance Theological Seminary in 2004. By the end of 2005 she was employed as the administrator of the Perth Alliance Church.

Saidee Liu (North Administrator)


Maggie Chen (South Mandarin Administrator)


Christine Wu (South (Accounting) Assistance)