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Perth Alliance Church is the spiritual family where it have the multicultural and multi languages, to establishing the church, fulfill the social responsibility and needs by the choice of the god, spreading the gospel in the South and North of the river, as well as the other ethnicities, growing by the groups of the fellowships, to make the follower stronger connection for the christ and spread his word to the all of the world. Around 400 followers are making worship for the Lord by three different languages on Sundays. The English, Cantonese and Mandarin services are exists in both South and North of the river.
Our mission is to know the Jesus the Christ, believe him as the saviour, sanctification of the Lord, healer, and the King to return; and completing for his Great Commission:
  • Spread the gospel around Australia to make the people to be the disciple of the god
  • To make them join to the church where the christ to be the head and serve for the community
  • Promote the disciples to spread the gospel, to establish the big life for the church in the world

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Fellowship and Cell Groups

We provide cell groups for each age level and different languages, so we can look after for each other, help and spread the love. Please contact our paster or the office to choose a group which is suitable for you.
  • English Working, Student and Youth fellowships
  • Mandarin Family, Student and ladies fellowships
  • Cantonese Eldery, Husband and Wife, Jik Ching, and Hok Ching fellowships

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Sunday Services

Perth Alliance Church - South

  • English 09:00am - 10:45am 
    Address: Unit 6, 41 Belmont Ave. BELMONT
    website: http://www.pacenglish.com.au/

  • Mandarin 11:30am - 01:15pm
    Address: 324 Belmont Ave. CLOVERDALE

  • Cantonese (Morning) 9:00am - 10:45am
    Address: 324 Belmont Ave. BELMONT

  • Cantonese (Afternoon) 11:30am - 12:30pm
    Address: 324 Belmont Ave. BELMONT

Perth Alliance Church - North (Grace)

  • Mandarin 10:00am -11:45am
    Address: Hamersley Community Centre, HAMERSLEY

  • Cantonese 10:00am -11:45am
    Address: Hamersley Community Centre, HAMERSLEY
    (**Family Day on the last Sunday on each month)

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* effective from 23 January 2022